Claudine Barbot

Claudine Barbot has been writing nearly all of her life. She has a fervent love for poetry, but is passionate about all forms of expressive writing.

As a published author, Claudine already has two books in the mainstream, including “From an Officer’s Wife,” a poetry book detailing common experiences of police officers along with her personal experience with domestic violence and “Through a Child’s Eyes,” which is a children’s book narrated from her young daughter’s

perspective about the demise of her family.

Claudine is also a playwright and an advocate for victims of domestic violence. She has been in the field of education for over a decade, but is currently pursuing writing full time.

Outside of writing, Claudine Barbot is the mother of four beautiful children and resides with them in Maryland.

Jocelyne Barbot

Jocelyne Barbot has been writing for six years. Her specialty is fantasy, however she possesses a talent for all genres. On top of her love for penning books, she is also a playwright. By profession, Jocelyne is a Clinical Dietitian and resides in Maryland with her family.

Nicole Green McCalla

Nicole Green McCalla has been writing for a decade. She takes pleasure in writing in all genres, but has a particular affinity to fiction. In addition to writing books, she is also a playwright.

By day, Nicole is an educator and has been in the field for over ten years. She also has two gorgeous little girls and resides in Maryland with her family.